Engine malfunction involving Airbus A330, B-6099, at Sydney, NSW, on 11 June 2017

During take-off, a section of the left engine inlet separated from the aircraft. The crew conducted a fuel dump and returned the aircraft to Sydney with no injuries on board.


In-flight engine malfunction and shutdown involving Airbus A380, VH-OQG, near Los Angeles, United States, on 20 May 2017

Passing about 33,000 ft on climb, the No. 4 engine thrust reduced to about 45 per cent. The flight crew shut the No. 4 engine down. The aircraft returned to Los Angeles Airport and landed without further incident.

In-flight propeller malfunction involving SAAB 340 VH-NRX, 19 km NW of Sydney Airport, NSW, on 17 March 2017

It is reported that the right propeller assembly detached in-flight during the Regional Express (REX) flight from Albury to Sydney, with 16 passengers and three crew on board. The aircraft landed safely at Sydney.