Collision with terrain involving Jabiru J170, 24-5215, at Yarram aerodrome, Victoria on 7 September 2016

Pilots and flying school operators should ensure they have thorough knowledge of the effects of weather on the pilot’s destinations and plan accordingly prior to flight.


Collision with terrain involving SOCATA TB-10 Tobago, VH-YTM, near Mount Gambier Airport, SA, on 28 June 2017

On-site examination of the wreckage and surrounding ground markings indicated that the aircraft impacted terrain at approximately 30° from vertical, in an inverted attitude.

Engine shutdown and collision with terrain involving Beech Aircraft Corporation B200 VH-MVL, Moomba Airport, South Australia on 13 December 2016

An ATSB investigation report has emphasised the need for operators to heed the advice of aircraft manufacturers with regards to maintenance and upgrades to their fleet.

Birdstrike and inflight vibration involving Boeing 747-438 ER, VH-OEH near San Francisco International Airport, United States, on 6 October 2016

This occurrence highlights that, even with the assistance of sophisticated technology and systems, flight crew may experience situations that can only be managed using their professional judgement.

Loss of control and collision with water involving Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28-235, VH PXD, 33 km SSE of Avalon Airport, Victoria on 29 January 2016

Pre-flight planning needs to include consideration of not only the conditions on departure, but at all stages of the flight. This informs the decision of whether to depart and allows for prior consideration of alternative actions in the case of deteriorating weather, such as returning or diverting.