Loss of engine power and forced landing involving amateur built Europa, VH-BWI near Bridport Tasmania, on 17 July 2016

This accident highlights the importance of pre-flight planning. Pilots should ensure that every flight is appropriately planned for, utilising accurate flight times and fuel calculations.


Hard landing involving an Airbus A330, 9M-MTA at Melbourne Airport, Victoria on 14 March 2015

When landing, pilots should maintain a safety philosophy of “if in doubt, go around”.

Crew praised for emergency landing

Education and training helped the crew of a Fokker F28 MK 100 manage two emergencies, including a hydraulic failure that compromised nose-wheel steering.


Main landing gear wheel failure involving Boeing 737, VH-VUH at Brisbane Airport, Qld., on 4 January 2017

During taxi, prior to departure out of Brisbane, the main wheel hub on the left hand outboard wheel failed and separated from the main landing gear.


Landing accident involving Van’s RV-6A, VH-TJM, Starke Field ALA, Queensland, on 2 January 2017

The aircraft landed heavily, the nose landing gear collapsed, and the aircraft flipped over and came to rest inverted. The pilot and passenger sustained serious injuries.


Landing on an occupied runway involving Beech Aircraft Corporation B200, VH-ZOK, Horsham Airport, Victoria, on 18 December 2016

The ATSB is investigating an incident where a Beech Aircraft Corporation B200, VH-ZOK, landed on an occupied runway, at Horsham Airport, Victoria, on 18 December 2016.


Forced landing involving Robinson R44, VH-SJK, 16 km S of Sydney Airport, New South Wales, 17 December 2016

The ATSB is investigating a forced landing involving a Robinson R44, registered VH-SJK, 16 km south of Sydney Airport, New South Wales, on 17 December 2016.