Loss of control and collision with terrain, Cessna 150, VH-RXU 270 km SE Alice Springs, Northern Territory, on 12 July 2016

Turning manoeuvres at or close to the aircraft’s critical angle of attack, if mishandled, can lead to a stall that may result in the aircraft entering a spin. Recovery from this condition will take a considerable amount of altitude, dependant on the speed of response by the pilot and the use of appropriate control inputs.


Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin – Issue 61

The ATSB has released a Short Investigations Bulletin, covering the findings of a number of short aviation investigations and highlighting valuable safety lessons for pilots, operators and safety managers.

Collision with terrain involving SOCATA TB-10 Tobago, VH-YTM, near Mount Gambier Airport, SA, on 28 June 2017

On-site examination of the wreckage and surrounding ground markings indicated that the aircraft impacted terrain at approximately 30° from vertical, in an inverted attitude.


ATSB secures drone qualifications

The ATSB has been issued with a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator’s Certificate from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.


Derailment of coal train near Oakey Qld on 21 July 2017

The ATSB is investigating the derailment of coal train NT35 near Oakey Qld on 21 July 2017. Both leading locomotives and 21of 41 wagons derailed resulting in significant track damage.


North Stradbroke Island Public Transport Study

The department is undertaking a study to assess North Stradbroke Island’s public transport needs and will investigate public transport infrastructure, services and connections on the island and to the neighbouring mainland.


Redland Bay Marina bus station upgrade

The new Redland Bay bus station will be a high quality facility that will cater for the current and future demand for bus services in Redland Bay and other nearby areas.