Loss of control and collision with terrain, Cessna 150, VH-RXU 270 km SE Alice Springs, Northern Territory, on 12 July 2016

Turning manoeuvres at or close to the aircraft’s critical angle of attack, if mishandled, can lead to a stall that may result in the aircraft entering a spin. Recovery from this condition will take a considerable amount of altitude, dependant on the speed of response by the pilot and the use of appropriate control inputs.


Aviation Short Investigations Bulletin – Issue 61

The ATSB has released a Short Investigations Bulletin, covering the findings of a number of short aviation investigations and highlighting valuable safety lessons for pilots, operators and safety managers.

Collision with terrain involving SOCATA TB-10 Tobago, VH-YTM, near Mount Gambier Airport, SA, on 28 June 2017

On-site examination of the wreckage and surrounding ground markings indicated that the aircraft impacted terrain at approximately 30° from vertical, in an inverted attitude.